About Us

Inzinc Consulting group is one of the leading companies providing best management systems and solutions to organizations worldwide. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we help our clients access their organization’s capabilities in a better way. We have delivered high performance solutions to some of the biggest companies across the globe including Multi National Companies (MNCs), government organizations, industrial units and multi diversified organizations. 

What we offer:AboutUs

Management Systems Consultancy

Energy Management 

Sustainability Solutions

I.T. Services

Lean Digital Management

Food Health & Safety Management


Our Team

Inzinc was formed by blending the ideas of industry experts in the above domains. Today we are proud to mention that we are one of the very few companies that have self-managed teams rather than hierarchical teams. What it means is that each employee in our organization is a complete solution provider and decision maker in his domain of expertise. Through our years of expertise we found this was the best approach to benefit our customer. With a mix of doctorates, MBAs and certified professionals we have designed and developed best management solution tools to cater to your needs.

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