ISO 50001:2001

An Energy Management System establishes the structure and discipline to implement technical and management strategies that significantly cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions and sustain those savings over time. Savings can come from no- to low-cost operational improvements.

Manufacturers, corporations, utilities, energy service companies, and other organizations are using ISO 50001 to reduce costs and carbon emissions. More than 7,300 sites worldwide achieved ISO 50001 certification by May 2014—increasing 234% in just over a year. The growth of ISO 50001 is expected to accelerate as an increasing number of companies integrate ISO 50001 into their corporate sustainability strategies and supplier requirements.

We have developed tools and resources to assist organizations as they embark on this rew
arding pathway to energy savings, carbon reduction, improved competitiveness, and other benefits

We at INZINC possess a sufficient infrastructure and a team of Energy management and Technical professionals, who are having vast & diversified experience of energy consultancy and training in Manufacturing industry, Process Industry, Corporates and Service industry

Our Approach for EnMS consultancy encompasses the following phases:

  • Measuring, reporting, benchmarking energy use improvements.
  • Assessment of energy improvement projects impact on GHG emissions.
  • To create transparency in the management of energy resources.
  • Evaluate the improvements in implementation of energy efficient technologies.
  • Validating continuous improvement in energy management.
  • Promoting a framework for efficient use of energy in the organization.
  • Helping clients make a better use of their energy assets.
  • Helping in procurement practices for energy using equipment and systems.
  • Emphasis management’s commitment to energy use and efficiency
  • Assistance During Certification Phase