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Email Creation and Hosting

A generic email could convey your business is small, new or part-time and may not reflect how serious you are about your business. Moreover most customers are not comfortable sharing their personal information to a generic email. Hence it is very important to brand your company well with a good professional email address. A professional email address builds trust in the customer and increases brand awareness of your company.

Do not have a professional email? Allow us to create your personalized business email and host them on our dedicated servers so you could have seamless access to your emails. Whats more? We will provide you so much storage space that you would never have to delete any email. Also, we guarantee you hack-free emails so your email addresses are active for life. 

As Microsoft partners, we provide extremely attractive rates for creating Office 365 email addresses for your employees. Special discounts are applicable for bulk emails creation. 

Web Hosting

Need a trusted server to host your website? Our dedicated servers from Microsoft and Amazon make sure your websites are never offline. Please do contact us for our ultra cheap pricing for web hosting. 

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