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Introduction to Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

BI comprise of strategies that help organizations gather data and convert them into meaningful information so companies can take the right and timely decisions. BI technologies combine historical data, data mining, analytics, data visualization, predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis that together provide businesses with a competitive market advantage.

Companies can use BI for various business decisions such as product placement, market studies, pricing strategies, competitive landscapes, optimal resource management, or even improve the operational and financial activities of the company.

It is a common scenario across companies and industries that the right information is never available at the right time to the top management or decision makers of the company. This adversely effects some important decisions and in turn effects the grown of the companies. BI makes it possible to churn raw data to meaningful information and present the information as visually appealing reports to the concerned people.

Inzinc Analytics, a division of Inzinc Consulting combines the best and most reliable tools with industry experts and best practices to provide highly attractive and information intensive data to the esteemed clients. Our team is highly qualified and experienced to provide data mining, data warehousing, reporting, visual analytics, predictive and prescriptive analysis. By combining BI and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our tools and solutions provide solutions even before they are requested for.

Our team has rich experience with BI tool such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlikview and Tableau.

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